Business Design – Models of Social Impact – at CalArts Hive

There’s another interesting event coming up Saturday, at the CalArts Hive. When we meet next Tuesday, those of us who made it there can fill in everyone else.

RSVP is requested.

Here’s the info provided by CalArts:

Models of Impact: “Social Impact”
Be immersed in the landscape of innovative business models that are driving organizations and entrepreneurs forward. Through this intense 2 hour session, participants will be introduced to the latest tools and design practices leveraged by leading “business designers” – practitioners who work with clients to invent impact and revenue-driven business models. With an emphasis on game-based learning, participants will be thrown into a deep-dive that will give practitioners and enthusiasts of all levels of experience a great framework for approaching real-world problems using business design. Workshop will culminate in each participant or small team working to design and pitch their own unique business concept.

Instructor: Matthew Manos
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017; 10am-12noon
Location: CalArts campus, G202, Patty Disney Center for Life and Work (Generator Building)
Please Email to let us know you’re coming.


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