Openings at the Santa Clarita Business Incubator

Good Morning, Open Coffee SCV friends.

The Santa Clarita Business Incubator (SCBI)

One of the difficulties of creating a startup is finding space to work. That’s been a common theme at Open Coffee sessions, and it’s been mentioned before in this blog.

One of the best options is space at the SCBI. The biggest downside is that space is limited, and they are only able to accept a small number of startups. But, the good news is, a number of spaces will open up at the end of this year, because some of the original businesses will reach the ends of their terms.

Because of that, right now is one of the best times to apply in years!

An Apology

I should have got this information posted to you last week, and have now missed the first information session, but fortunately there will still be one more.

One More Information Session

The last information session take place on Friday, September 22, 2017 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, at the Old Town Newhall Library. If you are at all interested, I urge you to arrange to attend the information session.

If you plan on going, please RSVP by email to:

You can also download info and the application at

A Personal Testimonial

For those who don’t know who is writing this blog, I am Alex Bozman, founder of Open Coffee Santa Clarita, and also founder of an educational game startup that was accepted into the SCBI in the first set of incubator residents. I can personally confirm that it was a good experience. Obviously everything isn’t always perfect: there’s a well-worn simile that startups are like roller coasters. The reason for that is that one experiences so many ups and downs; it’s a cliché, but it’s probably true without exception. In such an environment, having support is really important and the SCBI gives you support of different kinds.

Thanks to the help of the incubator, as well as to many other people and organizations, I created a math game, including artwork, code, marketing and everything else. The game was created entirely, from start to finish (and beyond!), on the premises of the SCBI. That experience also provides illustrations of some of the intangible benefits of being in an environment with other startups. For example, an artist who was working for a different SCBI business provided me with the advice, help, guidance, and resources I needed to learn how to do the animation for the game.

I personally recommend that any eligible business put the work into putting together a strong application for the SCBI.

Accepting Applications

Here’s the official announcement provided by the city:

Santa Clarita Business Incubator now accepting applications



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