Tech Day LA

Tech Day LA is coming up this Thursday, 22 October 2016. Some of our regular attendees have mentioned carpooling. If you’d like to be part of the carpool, please get in touch soon.


First Meeting was today!

This morning we met at Honu Coffee, in downtown Newhall, for the inaugural meeting of an Open Coffee group for Santa Clarita. Eight enthusiastic people attended.

We introduced ourselves, and everybody had a chance to talk.

We found out about some topics that are of great interest to some of us, such as the prospect of bringing high speed internet to the SCV whether via fiber or some other means.

We briefly considered meeting monthly, but the overwhelming consensus was that we should meet weekly. Our plan going forward from today is to meet every Tuesday at 8:00 am at Honu Coffee. Everybody interested in the local startup community is welcome.